Zero Hero Food Waste Quiz

Are you a Zero Hero creating zero food waste?
Take our quiz to see how you good your knowledge is…

1) How many millions of tonnes of food and drink do UK households throw away annually?
2) How much money could you save each month by reducing your food waste?
3) If we all stopped throwing away food which could have been eaten it would have the same CO2 impact as taking what percentage of cars off UK roads?
4) What does the 'Best before' date mean on food products?
5) What temperature should you keep your fridge at?
6) Most leftovers will keep in the fridge well wrapped for up to - how many days?
7) How should you store any leftover rice?
8) Most fruit will stay fresher kept in the fridge – true or false?
9) Where is the best place to store potatoes and onions?
10) You have opened a packet of ham – how would you store it?
11) You can freeze milk - true or false?
12) Why do we throw away food - what are the main reasons?

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